Rent. Work. Return.

Whether you are looking for 50 trucks or just a few, Flex Fleet Rental delivers solutions to meet your fleet requirements. We deliver the right trucks, at the right time, and in the right place. As a truck rental agency, we provide you with the best service at the best cost. We give you reliability and keep things simple while doing it.
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Flex Fleet Rental delivers a full fleet of commercial truck rentals, from 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks to 1.5 Ton Flatbeds and more.


Nationwide delivery of 4x4 trucks anywhere in the contiguous United States. Whether you need one truck or a whole fleet, we've got you covered.


When your job is done, so is your rental. Our team will pick up all of the trucks from your work site and return them to our fleet.


Our truck rental agency has solutions that will help you maximize fleet utilization, reduce maintenance costs and reduce overall costs associated with ownership.

Flex Fleet Rental offers an award-winning solution for your commercial project.

Whether it’s an entire rental fleet or a simple utility truck rental, Flex Fleet Rental has a truck that will meet your short-term rental needs.

Hear From our Customers

“We have worked with Flex Fleet for about a year now. They have been outstanding with understanding our business needs and they clearly make decisions and actions that reflect the goals of our company. Although this past year has been difficult in regards to the microchip shortage and truck availability, Flex Fleet has worked diligently to assist our rental needs. They always pull through even in the hardest tasks we have requested.``
Owner, Construction
``Aside from customer support, the trucks have been superior to the other rental work trucks on the market. If you are looking for durable and reliable trucks, be patient and look no farther than Flex Fleet Rental. Their team collaborates to bring the customer what they want and they strive to receive customer satisfaction.”
Owner, Construction
“Flex Fleet Rental did everything they said and got our company a fleet of 7 trucks to help our FEMA mission down at hurricane IDA.”
Fleet Manager, Government Contractor
“Flex Fleet Rental is a great operation and we had a great experience with our rentals. We will be back year after year with how great the team was.”
Fleet Manager, Construction
“The process was well communicated and the delivery of the vehicle was also well coordinated with my availability and needs.”
Fleet Director, Electrical
“I'm ALWAYS very satisfied with the service - truck rentals, accounting, truck support, rates... all in all Flex Fleet Rental is a great company!!!”
Flex Fleet Rental Customer

Are you interested in improving your fleet utilization?

Were you recently awarded a large construction project?

Are you paying for unused trucks?

Do you want to reduce long-term maintenance costs?

Do you need trucks delivered directly to your job site?

Nationwide Coverage

We offer nationwide delivery and pickup of our 4×4 trucks anywhere in the contiguous United States. Once your rental is confirmed, our team will deliver your rentals to your worksite and pick them up once the job is done. We’re not here to take over. We’re here to maximize your current fleet. Increase utilization without all the long term commitments. We’ve got you covered.


Pick a truck rental agency that you can rely on. Pick Flex Fleet Rental.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Questions before you request a quote? We've got answers!

New customers

What is the shortest rental period Flex Fleet Rental offers?

We rent vehicles for a minimum of one month, but you will see with transportation charges it will better to rent long term. You’ll discover that Flex Fleet Rental rates becomes more economical the longer you rent. 

How long does it take to set up an account?

Your account will be set up once we have successfully processed your business credit check, insurance certificate, and receive a signed contract. It typically takes 1-5 business days depending on the speed in which we receive them.

Can we tow with a Flex Fleet Rental truck?

Yes. All our trucks come with a receiver hitch for towing. Flex Fleet Rental flatbeds come standard with a gooseneck hitch and can be set up for a 5th wheel receiver. However, we recommend that you follow appropriate guidelines from the manufacturer, state and local regulations, and your own company’s policy. 

Can you deliver large orders?

Yes, we can. Flex Fleet Rental can deliver any order size you may have. It can be 2 trucks or 100. We will make sure you get them all delivered to you.

My jobsite is in a remote location. Can Flex Fleet Rental supply trucks for my project?

Absolutely. Flex Fleet Rental regularly supplies trucks, on a monthly basis, to just about any location, anywhere in the continental United States.

Existing customers

Once I’ve placed my fleet rental order, how long will it take for me to receive my vehicles?

The delivery time depends on type of truck, order size, inventory availability, and delivery location. We can deliver to most locations in the lower 48 states within five to ten business days. We encourage you to contact your Sales Representative regarding any special requirements you might have.

How will I know when the truck is delivered?

A Transportation Coordinator will email you with an ETA when we have the truck and transporter assigned.  The Transporter will call you 24 hours prior to delivery to confirm details. 

Can I purchase the vehicle once I’m done renting it?

Purchasing a vehicle from Flex Fleet Rental is possible. Please contact us for details at or call 801-657-3743.

How can I request a copy of an invoice or registration?

Please click on the Invoices navigation bar item in the portal or email to request an invoice or registration.

What taxes are included on our bill?

Every monthly invoice includes sales taxes and property taxes, when applicable and designated, based on the vehicle’s permanent location. Please email if the vehicle’s permanent location changes to ensure the appropriate tax rates are used in the billing calculations.

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