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29 04, 2017

Must-have Tools for Your Work Truck

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A variety of emergencies can happen on the road. If you drive rental trucks you might think that the rental company will take care of most maintenance. While this is true, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t equip your truck with tools. Having tools to help in an emergency isn’t just about helping yourself; it’s also [...]

27 04, 2017

Tire Safety 101

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Construction crews and city managers have to worry about deadlines, details and heavy equipment. The last thing they want to deal with is a blown tire or vehicle repairs. Most of these companies use rental trucks like Flex Fleet rental for short-term projects. It’s easy to forget to maintain your tires, but this hand-width space [...]

25 04, 2017

Staying Focused on the Road

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Commuting for work — it’s not the most entertaining thing, but it’s a necessary task. With technology at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to come by distractions. When you’re driving a pickup rental that your boss provided, distractions can cost you your truck, your job and even your life. Stay cautious and use these [...]

23 04, 2017

History of the American Pickup

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Once used only for farming and other heavy labor jobs, the pickup truck has evolved over the last century more than any other vehicle. Today, only 15 percent of these trucks are used for work. The vast majority of pickup owners enjoy these as family vehicles, serving everyday purposes. Modern pickup trucks are loaded with [...]

22 04, 2017

Large Fleet Orders

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Sometimes your jobs require a lot of man power. This means that you’re going to need a lot of rental trucks at your disposal. Luckily for you, here at Flex Fleet, we can fulfill even the largest of orders with ease. With locations around the country, getting these trucks to you — whether it’s three [...]

20 04, 2017

The Difference Between Regular and Synthetic Oil

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Here at Flex Fleet Rental, you can be assured that your rental trucks are well-maintained and cared for. We have our own mechanic team that helps keep all of the vehicles up-to-date on oil changes, tire rotations and other necessary safety procedures. You may be wondering how you can do this for your own personal [...]

18 04, 2017

Driving in the Fog in Your Pickup

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Early spring is a great time to get outside and get working in the sunshine. The final bits of winter are no more. But spring can also mean one thing — uncertain weather. In Utah, the running joke is that we can experience all four seasons in one week. While funny, this can also mean [...]

16 04, 2017

The Best Rental for You

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When you’re facing the lineup of available rentals, you might feel overwhelmed. With lots of fantastic options, deciding on a pickup rental is challenging. Depending on what you plan on using the truck for, some choices are better than others. Silverado 1500 This half ton pickup can handle almost anything while also being easily maneuverable. [...]

14 04, 2017

Taking Your Rental Off Road

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Not all truck rental companies are created equal. That’s just common sense. However, here at Flex Fleet Rental, we do our best to prove that not only are we unique, but we’re better than all the rest. Not every job site is easy to get to. With our wear and tear promise, we allow you [...]

12 04, 2017

Tech in Your Rental

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There’s nothing worse than getting into a truck to only find you’re stepping into the last decade. The radio features a tape deck and a backup camera is something that’s light years ahead of you. Your rental trucks should feature top of the line technology, and here at Flex Fleet Rental we can give you [...]