Benefits of Using Diesel trucks?

Diesel vs. gasoline is among the greatest debates that don’t seem to settle any time soon. However, if you wonder whether using diesel trucks is a good idea, they offer a wealth of benefits you might not be aware of, making them a sound and sustainable choice over the widely used gasoline. As fleet owners, we recommend using diesel engine trucks that are more powerful and make your challenging operations more efficient.

If you are wondering if you should use diesel trucks, we at Flex Fleet Rental have crafted this guide to talk about the significant benefits of diesel trucks to make your decision easier.

Fuel Efficiency and the Diesel Engine

Better fuel efficiency is the main reason why people choose diesel trucks over gasoline. Diesel engines offer about 20% more miles per liter, depending on your truck’s engine capacity and power. However, it is worth noting that some states have higher fuel prices than others – California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon are some of these states. If you live in any of them, the fuel economy might not be sufficient to save you from the high diesel prices ranging over $4 per gallon.

Fortunately, due to better fuel economy, you can probably benefit by not having to visit the gas station too often. This way, you will have an advantage in the long run.

An important factor that plays a significant role in whether a better fuel economy stays your advantage is the lower number of diesel pumps around the country. Only 55% of the gas station have diesel pumps. So unless you know precisely which gas stations in your vicinity offer diesel, you shouldn’t let your truck run low on fuel.

Lastly, if your driving primarily consists of non-stop riding on the highway or the countryside, diesel engines are highly beneficial in that case. Any vehicle gives the optimum performance when running on low acceleration, but the diesel trucks raise the fuel economy by several bars. Vehicles pick up at higher RPMs that consume more fuel.

So if you drive from traffic light to traffic light and make a lot of turns, you are better off with the traditional gasoline or even hybrids and electric cars. But if you drive extended distances on a straight road, get yourself a diesel truck today.

Maintenance Considerations

A diesel engine has fewer moving parts; hence, there is less room for parts wearing out, reducing your maintenance costs. Unlike gas engines, there are no spark plugs or distributors in diesel trucks, so you won’t have to replace them or spend money on routine ignition tune-ups.

However, diesel engines can still break down if maintenance and repairs are not timely or done improperly. You must change the oil and air filters to keep the engine in the best shape. Moreover, it’s hard to find good diesel mechanics because of the low number of diesel vehicles on the road. This means that finding a good mechanic will be followed by higher labor costs.

However, maintenance and repairs are required in vehicles of all nature. You can keep the costs low by frequently checking the required things and fixing your truck timely. Overall, a diesel engine is much more robust and reliable. You can get 200,000 miles on average from a diesel truck before the engine starts to ask for heavy maintenance.

More Torque and Towing Power

Diesel engines are more about getting the job done forcefully instead of excelling at incredible speeds. This is why fleet owners rent so many trucks with diesel engines. Diesel trucks produce better low torques. This means they pick up speed quickly at low acceleration compared to gasoline trucks. This benefits explicitly site workers because they use the trucks to haul and trail heavy loads. So if you are looking for a truck for the same purposes, a diesel truck is the right one to do the job for you.

On the downside, diesel trucks are not particularly ones for winning a race. You might have to look elsewhere if you want to speed out of your ride. However, diesel engines are robust, strong, and powerful. They take up heavy-duty jobs much more effortlessly than gasoline trucks.

Lower Fuel Prices

As mentioned earlier, diesel is cheaper than other fuel alternatives. So, unless you live in a state where the high taxes have an unfortunate effect on diesel prices, you can benefit from cheaper fuel and save a lot of money. The last time we checked, almost no one prefers costlier fuel. Diesel costs less because the demand is less and cheaper to produce.

Diesel engines can also run on biodiesel fuel. Although it is not available commonly, it is a highly sustainable fuel source consisting of recycled natural oils and animal fat. Biodiesel doesn’t harm the engine as it is treated and modified to keep running smoothly.

What About Pollution and Emissions?

If you have driven behind an old diesel truck or a school bus, you know what breathing in the black cloud that the diesel vehicle releases into the air are like. You can even feel it despite your windows being closed. This is why diesel vehicles are not so popular in America due to the strict standards concerning pollution and emission.

However, you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment anymore since newer diesel trucks cut down pollution to severe extents. You will hardly notice such dark emissions being released into the air. So if you were holding back from diesel trucks to care about the environment, we have covered you as the newer trucks are much more eco-friendly.

Is Diesel the Right Choice for You?

These benefits firmly store your confidence by showing you the good side of using diesel trucks. If you are looking for heavy-duty work such as running a fleet on a work site or need trucks for governmental operations, you will need robust and reliable machines. Moreover, save costs by reaping in better fuel economy advantage of diesel trucks. Contact us today if you want to rent diesel trucks or know more about fleet rentals.