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What Electric Trucks Mean for Fleets

What Electric Trucks Mean for Fleets

Today, fleet companies are quickly acquiring vehicles with new and advanced technologies and telematics to stay ahead of the competition. In such a cut-throat environment, it’s understandable that the industry is collectively eyeing new electric vehicles that they can add to their fleet. With these electric truck fleets, the industry can move into a new […]

Why Rent a Ford F-150

Why Rent a Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is an integral and most popular part of the long-standing Ford trucks. With the best-in-class payload and a towing capacity of up to 13,200 lbs, it’s the ideal truck for construction companies, factories, or any other business looking to tow their equipment, heavy machinery, and product from one site to another. However, […]

Interested in a 2500 Truck Rental? 2500 truck rental

Interested in a 2500 Truck Rental?

Being in a business with its roots in functions like freight management, bulk procurements, supply chain, distribution, and similar logistical operations requires stakeholders to carefully consider and evaluate several vital factors. These factors include ensuring optimal levels of costs, portability, load management, time sensitivity, product safety, and the list can be non-exhaustive depending on the […]

Need a Truck Rental with a Hitch? pickup truck rental with hitch

Need a Truck Rental with a Hitch?

Looking for a truck rental with a hitch to fulfill all your towing needs? Flex Fleet Rental can help you find the perfect truck! Many industries require trucks with significant towing capacities. This is particularly true for the construction industry. Businesses require trucks that can easily transport their heavy construction material, equipment and tools from […]

4×4 Truck Rentals at Flex Fleet Rental 4x4 truck rental

4×4 Truck Rentals at Flex Fleet Rental

Are you on the lookout for a 4×4 truck rental? With the increasing boom of the construction industry, many companies keep getting more and more projects. In such a competitive environment, you definitely need more horsepower than your competitors to successfully accomplish all of your projects in a timely manner. So, the question arises, do […]