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Use Case Scenario 1

John is the CFO at a construction company, and needed to add 10 additional trucks to complete a seasonal project. By adding 10 rental trucks to their fleet, and returning them once the job was completed, they saved $75,076.

  • 12 Month Cost of Ownership: $122,076
  • 3 Month Rental Cost: $47,000

Cost Savings: $75,076

Use Case Scenario 2

Brian is an independent contractor who works in construction management. He needs an additional 5 trucks to help him complete a contracted project to build a school by the end of summer. By adding 5 trucks to his fleet with Flex Fleet Rental, he’s able to complete the project in time without the hassle and cost of purchasing new vehicles. The best part is he can return those 5 trucks at the end of his project, thus avoiding the costs of depreciation, maintenance and annual fees. Brian was able to save $___ by renting from Flex Fleet Rental.

Use Case Scenario 3

Joseph is a project manager for an engineering company. He needs to acquire 7 trucks that can safely transport crews, equipment and materials from site to site. Joseph’s project sizes vary often, so he also needs flexibility in fleet sizes. By renting from Flex Fleet Rental, Joseph saved $___ that would have otherwise been spent on heavy vehicle acquisition fees. 

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