Ford F-150 Rental or Lease?

Ford F150 Lease

You likely have many projects that require extra muscle to help out with the heavy lifting. If you do not have the right vehicle available in a short period of time, you need to decide how to go about getting it. Now, getting a Ford F-150 leased or renting one are the two most viable options. The question is whether to lease an F-150 or rent it?

Why Use a Ford F-150?

The Ford F-150 is the best solution for hauling extra loads. One of these ½-ton work trucks is very effective in helping you take care of a variety of aspects of the working environment. Here are some of the perks of having a Ford F-150 on hand:

  • Good mileage at almost 22 miles per gallon
  • Substantial heating and cooling system for all-weather
  • Plenty of horsepower to complete most jobs on and off the construction site
  • Solid cruise control mode for long-haul drives
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Spacious bed for supplies and a comfortable 6-seat cabin

Should You Choose a Ford F-150 Rental or Lease?

And now for the more important question: should you opt for leasing or renting a Ford F-150?

There are plenty of arguments that you can make for leasing a vehicle – any vehicle. One of the most prominent reasons why people across the industry think that it is better to lease is that by the time you are done making all the lease payments, you usually have the option to purchase it. After all, it is better to own something rather than rent it out, right? Wrong.

Issues With Leasing

In the construction industry or other fleet-based operations, owning a vehicle is not exactly the smartest thing to do. Let’s consider the construction industry. It is primarily a gig-based industry that relies on the aspect of getting a job contract to make money rather than a standard monthly salary, right? Now, for a few months, you might find yourself working on a contract that will require the vehicle, but after that, you might not need it anymore.

When you own a vehicle, you do not just have to pay for its costs while you are using it for the job – it costs you money even when it is just sitting in the lot. Essentially, your investment will start costing you more money than the returns.

Before you get to leasing the Ford F-150, acquiring it is a lot of hard work with so much paperwork and other acquisition issues that take time. If you get a contract out of the blue and your crew needs a vehicle in a few days, this can cause you some problems.

Why Renting a Ford F-150 is Better

Now let’s see why renting out a Ford F-150 is better than a Ford F-150 lease.

  • No need to worry about high acquisition costs
  • Company-maintained vehicles are ready to use
  • Only pay associated costs when needed and then return the vehicle
  • Minimal paperwork and vehicle maintenance
  • Rent as many vehicles as you need to complete the project

Rent a Ford F-150 Through Flex Fleet Rental

As you can see, a Ford F-150 fleet truck rental is better than leasing a work truck, but you should know that renting it from just any rental company will not give you all of the advantages. Here are some of the reasons why renting your Ford F-150 through Flex Fleet Rental is the best option you can consider.

  • You enjoy the standard benefits of leasing a Ford F-150
  • You can order one of these to rent out for as little as four months.
  • No mandatory long-term commitments with Flex Fleet Rental.
  • Flex Fleet Rental allows clients to take rental vehicles off-road because we understand that some jobs need you to go through some tough conditions.
  • We deliver the trucks you need nationwide with all of the permits, paperwork, and maintenance already taken care of.
  • You can rent out a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles.
  • You do not need to worry about licensing the vehicle in different states. Flex Fleet Rental manages it for you.

Pick a truck rental agency that you can rely on. Contact Flex Fleet Rental today to get your rate.