Why Get a Flatbed Truck Rental

Do you need to haul equipment from one location to another? Do you need to remove something heavy and awkward or do you need to haul building materials to your worksite? Whatever reason or whatever industry you work in, Flex fleet Rental has you covered. It is no secret that one of the best ways to haul heavy material and equipment is with a flatbed truck. Here at Flex Fleet, we offer 1-ton and 1.5-ton flatbed truck rentals for whatever project may come your way.

Sometimes a pickup truck is just not enough. A flatbed truck rental can assist you with making fewer trips to and from your destination which saves money, time, and resources. Here are some of the perks of renting a truck with Flex Fleet Rental:

  • Horsepower up to 440
  • Towing capacity up to 26,600 lbs: For example, a 320 Caterpillar Excavator weighs approximately 4,320 pounds
  • 6-  speed auto transmission: Don’t have to worry about shifting these.
  • Backup camera options: our backup camera options help you safely back up into any tight spot without the need for a spotter.
  • Power  windows
  • Power locks
  • Cruise control:  Helps with those long trips and to watch your speed. In addition, driving on cruise control helps save gas.
  • Bluetooth hands-free sync with phones and music: To help keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road even when you have to talk to your crew.
  • Sits 6 people comfortably:  Our roomy crew cab flatbed trucks have enough seating to fit you and your whole crew.

Ways to Use Your Flatbed Truck Rental

Transporting Building Materials

If you are in the construction industry, there is nothing more important than a reliable truck that can handle transporting heavy building materials. Here at Fleet Flex Rental, our flatbed trucks have a high payload and are built to withstand extreme working conditions. From transporting bricks and beams to logs, lumber, and scaffolding, our trucks have what it takes to get the job done right. In addition, since the bed is flat, your material can hang over the edge allowing you to transport oddly shaped building materials with ease.

Transporting Scrap

No matter what kind of job site you are working on, odds are there is going to be a ton of scrap you need to get rid of. Our Flatbed trucks are the perfect vehicle to help you clean up the job site and transport scrap to nearby landfills and recycling centers. With our spacious flatbed trucks, you can easily load up metal, debris, and other scrap material.

Hauling Equipment

On top of hauling construction materials and scrap, our truck rentals are the perfect vehicle to help you tow heavy equipment from one location to another. The best thing about using flatbed trucks for your equipment needs is that they are designed for safety. Whether you are loading up equipment in the bed or towing trailers with heavy machinery, our flatbed truck rentals provide the assistance you need.


Believe it or not, flatbeds are not just used in construction industries. Many landscape jobs require land excavation and clearing out bushes and trees. However, a typical pickup truck or dump truck may not have the room to fit all of your brush. Opting to rent a flatbed truck with Flex Fleet Rental can help you transport brush, trees, landscaping tools, and other landscaping materials.


The farming industry is another industry that relies heavily on the use of flatbed trucks. As a farmer, opting to rent our trucks allows you to move equipment, supplies, cargo, and materials down rural highways and long distances without compromising your safety or your wallet. Our flatbed trucks here at Flex Fleet provide affordable hauling solutions so you can focus on your farm rather than your budget.

Delivery Services

It is no secret that the construction industry would not be able to thrive without all of those delivery companies transporting new material to every job site. If you are in the business of selling and delivering construction material, then flatbed trucks are essential to your business operations.  Flatbeds make it easy to load and unload material whether it be lumber, stone, pipes, beams, or other essential building materials.

Benefits of Using a Flatbed Truck

Now that you know all of the ways our flatbed trucks can help your industry, let’s dive into the benefits of working with one of our reliable truck models.

Easy Loading

There is nothing worse than having to try to fit all of your material or equipment into an enclosed bed, or trailer. The walls of a pickup bed and the ceiling of a trailer limit your payload and can drastically affect how you are able to transport cargo. However, a flatbed truck has no boundaries. You can easily load up material from the back or the sides with a forklift without any clearances or obstacles to get in your way.

Safely Secure Cargo

Not only is loading up material a breeze with our flatbed trucks but it is just as easy to secure your cargo. All you need is some solid straps and nets to tie down your load. However, it is important to note that tying down small debris and material may be challenging. In that case, consider renting one of our pickup truck models.

Large Load Capacity

Here at Flex Fleet, we understand that the construction business and other labor-intensive industries require transporting heavy materials and machinery that could exceed the payload of an average truck. Luckily, our flatbed truck rentals have the power and the stamina to transport your heaviest loads.

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