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When it comes to businesses in need of fleet trucks or van rental services, the big concern that’s always perplexing is determining whether you should rent or buy the fleet trucks, right? Of course. In renting fleet trucks and vans, price is the main concern.  You want to do what’s best for the company financially, yet you need to make sure that you’re able to utilize the trucks effectively based on the project needs. Whether your project is big or small, we here at Flex Fleet Rental have fleets of work trucks for rent as well as vans to see your project from start to finish.Read More

When determining whether to rent or buy, there are several different factors you’ll need to take into consideration. A big factor is the time frame you’ll be needing the work truck rental for.

If your project is a long-term project that requires constant transporting and hauling, then buying will probably be a better investment for you. But if your project is short-term (shorter extended periods of time), the best financial option would be to rent the vehicles you need.

Whether it’s an entire rental fleet or a simple utility truck rental. Flex Fleet Rental has a truck that will meet your short-term rental needs. Check out our inventory:

  • ½ Ton Pickup
  • ¾ Ton Pickup
  • 1-Ton Flatbed
  • 1.5-Ton Flatbed
  • Passenger Van


Our half-ton pickup truck is easily one of our most economical trucks for customer use. This pickup truck is able to seat six people, it can tow up to 9,000 pounds, and it has a hands-free backup camera.


Maybe the ½ ton pickup is close to what you need but is still a tad bit small and you’re not able to effectively use it… our Ford F250 rental, which is one of our ¾ ton pickups, is exactly what you need. It has abilities to haul your crew and the materials you need to any worksite.


If you thought the heavy-duty pickup truck rentals were fully-loaded, then wait till you see our 1-ton flatbed! Built for versatility, the 1-ton flatbed rental has a gooseneck hitch, great fuel economy, and it’s great for hauling heavy materials that regular trucks can’t handle.


Depending on the project you have, the materials may require a little more horsepower than you think. We at Flex Fleet have taken that into consideration. Our 1.5-ton flatbed offers maximum torque and can haul up to 40,000 pounds or more!


Our passenger vans offer standard seating to seat 12 passengers comfortably. This is the perfect option to transport your crew from location to location.