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Looking for a 4×4 Truck Rental?

With business booming and things looking up, many construction companies are getting more projects than they used to. The economy is going strong and you might need a little extra horsepower for an upcoming project that your company is taking on. The question is, will you actually go ahead and buy a new truck to fulfill your company’s needs? What if you won’t need the truck regularly?

You can’t just let it stand there and catch rust. You’ll need to spend quite a bit of money to maintain it even when it’s not running. That means the truck will require more investment than the money it’s bringing in. 

We suggest a better alternative: use our services at Flex Fleet Rental and rent a 4×4 truck instead. Our four-wheel-drive work trucks allow you to work in style for an affordable price.

Advantages of Driving a 4×4 Truck

4×4 pickup trucks transfer the power from your engine to all four wheels instead of just two. This gives these trucks a specific advantage over your average work trucks, especially on the job site. From safety to performance, here are the top advantages to renting a 4×4 truck. 

4×4 Trucks Have Additional Traction

The most important purpose of opting for a 4×4 pickup truck is getting additional traction on the job site. A 4×4 truck allows you to drive through any weather conditions while safely hauling your load, whether it be heavy machinery or material.

Here at Flex Fleet, our models will enable you and your team to safely navigate through any kind of weather conditions, from icy rain to heavy snow. 

Drive Through Any Terrain

Just as you can safely drive through the toughest of weather conditions, 4×4 work trucks allow you to conquer any type of terrain both on and off-road. What does this mean for your business? It means that renting our 4×4 trucks will ensure you never get stuck on the job site leading to increased job proficiency.

You can easily drive through off-road conditions like thick mud, grassy fields, deep gravel, and more even while hauling heavy loads. 


When it comes to truck safety, there is nothing better than driving a 4×4 truck. With a 4×4 truck, the ride height is higher than your average truck. This gives you a clear advantage on the highway as you’ll have strong visibility of upcoming challenges like oncoming cars and sudden slopes. 

Every 4×4 Rental Truck You Will Need

With Flex Fleet Rental, your life will become a lot easier when it comes to acquiring some extra muscle for your company’s hauling needs. So instead of spending the time and money acquiring and maintaining a new truck, you will find it cheaper and more effective to rent out something from our range of 4×4 truck rentals. With our roomy crew cab models, your crew will be riding in style.

From  ½ ton pickup trucks to 1½ ton flatbeds, and everything in between, we’ve got your ideal rental vehicle primed, tuned, and ready for the job. Here’s a look at the vehicles we have in our truck fleet at Flex Fleet Rental that you can choose from for your next project.

½ Ton 4×4 Truck Rental

The half-ton 4×4 rental trucks we have at Flex Fleet rental are one of the most versatile and economically viable trucks available when it comes to commercial use. A spacious crew cab, which can seat 6 people easily or use the area to keep all the sensitive equipment you’re hauling away from the weather.

You get an ample amount of cargo space in this pickup truck, thereby allowing you to move a substantial amount of material along with the crew all in one go. The factory tow hitch assembly is there and ready to use in case you want to tow some additional cargo along.

¾ Ton 4×4 Trucks

If the half-ton truck doesn’t offer you the power you need, perhaps the three-quarter-ton 4×4 truck rental will give you what you’re looking for. This truck can provide you with a significantly higher amount of cargo capacity, along with ample space for the crew in the cabin. The cargo also has plenty of room.

The ¾ ton truck offers greater horsepower without losing too much of the economical benefits. This means, you get all the features that make this truck wonderful to handle and the fuel costs will not be astronomical in comparison. 

1 Ton 4×4 Trucks

So maybe your company’s requirements for a 4×4 truck are a little more than what the smaller versions can properly cater to. If you are looking for more raw power and a higher capacity to transport larger hardware, the one-ton trucks we have at Flex Fleet Rental will do the trick.

The one-ton flatbed truck is easily one of the best picks from our fleet. The flatbed cargo area makes it possible to transport even the oddest cargo, while a gooseneck hitch and reinforced rear bumper hitch assembly mean you can tow a much heavier load in the back and it gets better.

The cabin area seats 6 people comfortably. Considering the raw power and high torque these trucks put out, the fuel economy is surprisingly fantastic for trucks of this weight class we sell.

1½ Ton 4×4 Trucks

Perhaps your company has taken on a project that requires the maximum payload to be hauled along with the crew. While the 1-ton flatbed is quite a capable truck, you may just need a little more power and capacity. That’s why we have the 1½ ton trucks in our fleet as well.

With a gross combination weight rating of an astounding 40,000 pounds, upgraded suspension, high capacity trailer tow packages and so much more, this flatbed truck is the most powerful vocational truck you can get your hands on.

The cabin area seats 6 people comfortably so you won’t have to worry about making two trips to and from the job site for equipment and for the crew. The flatbed makes it possible to tow some really heavy machinery without worrying about the shape of it and you can easily tow heavy loads along with you for the job.

Why Get Your 4×4 Truck Rentals From Flex Fleet?

Flex Fleet understands the importance of time and convenience for our clients. Our top-quality new trucks are a perfect addition to your truck fleet. Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire 4×4 truck rentals from Flex Fleet Rental:


Opting for commercial truck rentals instead of purchasing your own truck will reduce the money you spend. There are no costs of initial acquisition, maintenance, or tuning. You only need to worry about the maintenance and fuel of the truck while you’re using it.


We offer nationwide delivery so wherever you need the truck delivered, just let us know and we’ll deliver it to you within 5 to 10 working days. You also don’t have to worry about a lengthy list of contracts. With Flex Fleet Rental, getting your 4×4 rental is just a matter of one contract.


If you want to increase the number of trucks you want us to provide or decrease it, it is just a matter of letting us know and we will make it happen. From our 4×4 pickup trucks to flatbeds, and tow packages we’ve got you covered.

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