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Celebrate Thanksgiving With the Flex Fleet Rental Team!
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Company Highlight

We’re proud to announce Flex Fleet Rental is open for business in Canada this month! We deliver the right trucks, at the right time, and in the right place. Whether you’re looking for 50 trucks or just a few, we have you covered. Visit our site at flexfleetcanada.ca to get started today.

We’re also proud to announce we’ve recently opened a new service yard in Oklahoma City, OK! This location features a 13-bay service facility where we can perform full mechanical inspection of our trucks. We can also fully detail and clean our vehicles, remove dents, and handle other general maintenance tasks — everything we need to provide our customers with ready-to-work truck fleets.

Our address and service hours are as follows:

6901 W Reno Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Open 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday

This new location will allow us to efficiently deliver the right fleets at the right time to anywhere in the United States. Additionally, if you’re in the area, you can pick up your rentals in person. We’re excited to be able to better serve our customers and communities nationwide!

Company Message

Happy Thanksgiving!

As the leaves fall and the air grows colder, we wanted to take the time to give thanks for what matters most to our team — our customers. From construction workers and electricians to oil rig mechanics and solar panel technicians, we’re honored to help you keep your crews moving, no matter the circumstances. Naturally, we’re also thankful for the services you provide. Civil Engineers, HVAC specialists, Waste Removal experts, and so many other essential workers — you keep the country running, no matter the season. From crucial services to thankless, difficult jobs, we see you and appreciate the hard work you put in every day.

Whether you’re celebrating this special season with family, friends or running solo, know the Flex Fleet Rental family is proud to have your back.

Whether you’re transporting crews to the jobsite or hauling heavy loads, trucks of all shapes and sizes help you tackle the biggest challenges. With Flex Fleet Rental, you can have a truck tailored to your needs delivered to you, anywhere in the country — there’s no need to worry about maintenance or acquisition costs.

Contact us to learn more about Flex Fleet Rental and get your rate today.

Flex Fleet SUV
Holiday Photo Contest

This holiday season, we want your help to make social media merry and bright! Starting November 28th through December 28th, share a festive photo of your truck for your chance to win a prize! The official rules are as follows:

  1. Follow @FlexFleetRental on LinkedIn and Instagram
  2. Snap a festive photo of your truck
  3. Post it on Instagram and tag us (multiple entries are allowed!)

If your submission features a picture with you in it, your partner, or a friend,
it automatically counts as TWO ENTRIES.

A winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday, December 28th. First place takes home a $300 Amazon gift card, second place takes home a $200 Amazon gift card, and third place takes home a $100 Amazon gift card.

Happy Holidays!

Blog Posts
How to Determine Fleet Tire Load Ratings
Quote In today’s competitive world, fleet managers need to have an in-depth understanding of their truck tires and know how they can impact the fleet’s bottom line. One aspect of fleet tires that affects tire performance is fleet tire load ratings. Let’s explore everything you need to know about them!”
Get Your Fleet Tires Winter-Ready
Quote Winter is here and as always it has brought many potential fleet safety issues for drivers who have to take your fleet vehicles on snow-covered roads.”
The Benefits of Renting
Quote Renting for your fleet can be the best option when projects are increasing. The many benefits of renting can help minimize the stress for your fleet managers. Let us break down the benefits of renting and how Flex Fleet Rental can help build your fleet for the many projects coming up in the coming year.”
Holiday Photo Contest

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We recently updated our process of damage packets and the availability. Most invoices will have a link that states "copy and paste for damage" with a URL that can be plugged into any web browser to be viewed. If those links are unavailable, rather than receiving a separate email with the invoice and damage packet, the damage packets will be stored in the portal attached to the invoice. In the Portal you will click the RED "view/pay" invoice button. Then scroll to the bottom of the invoice where the attachment will be located. Please contact support@flexfleetrental with questions.