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Company Highlight

Flex Fleet Rental was recently recognized as one of the top companies in the state at the 28th Annual Mountain West Capital Network Utah 100 Awards Event.

"It's an honor to be recognized again for the remarkable growth we've experienced... our customers remain loyal to the Flex Fleet Rental brand because of the quality of service provided and the best-in-class tools and technology." — Brian Goldhardt, CEO

Company Message

This month at Flex Fleet Rental, we're celebrating the spooky season!

Can you hear that? A chill in the air... a whisper on the wind... the delighted squeals of costumed kids hauling a metric ton of candy! There's lots to love about Halloween, but as fall is in full swing, it's important to stay vigilant both on and off the job. Whether you're hauling heavy equipment to a construction site or taking your little ones around the neighborhood for treats, keep in mind these safety tips:

  • Check Your Blind Spots
    No matter the setting, it can be difficult to see behind your truck, especially if you're hauling a trailer. Always make sure to physically check for nearby pedestrians, vehicles and structures no matter where you are. Don't be afraid to ask someone to signal for you while backing up, too.
  • Make Turns Safely
    As you're hauling heavy loads, make sure to know your limits and take turns slowly, if necessary. A few moments can mean the difference in preventing an accident or turnover.
  • Stay Focused
    Always make sure your phone is put away and your eyes are on the road — big trucks take longer to slow down than your average compact car, so make sure you always know what's ahead or behind your vehicle.
  • Drive Slower at Night
    Your reaction times are often slower at night, no matter the setting. Give yourself plenty of time to analyze your surroundings, whether you're driving around a crowded neighborhood or a busy construction zone.
  • Always Use Signals
    Make sure other drivers and pedestrians are aware of where you're going. Use your turn signal before any turn, and activate your hazard lights if you'll be stationary in a low-visibility area, like a dark neighborhood street.

Whether you're transporting crews to the jobsite or hauling heavy loads, trucks of all shapes and sizes help enable Tradesmen to tackle the biggest challenges. With Flex Fleet Rental, you can have a truck tailored to your needs delivered to you, anywhere in the country — there's no need to worry about maintenance or acquisition costs.

Contact us to learn more about Flex Fleet Rental and get your rate today.

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Blog Posts

Quote Drivers connect trailer hitches to their automobiles for a number of reasons. One of the main advantages of using a trailer hitch is that it makes long-distance towing possible. Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a quick look at how you can choose the best trailer hitch for your trailer."

Quote In today's world, we have to play an active role in preventing the devastating consequences of global warming. We need to consciously save our environment and think of how we are impacting it. It's where environmental work, especially environmental construction, comes into the picture."

Quote The Ford F-150 is an integral and most popular part of the long-standing Ford trucks. It's an ideal truck for construction companies, factories, or any other business. However, it's not often feasible to invest in a truck, especially if you don't need it daily. That's where Flex Fleet Rental can help you!"

Customer Testimonials
Quote Great truck rental company. Cannot understate the value for companies who need flexibility in their fleet numbers."
- Brian Rodriguez

Quote Flex is a great operation and had a great experience with our rental experience. We will be back year after year with how great the team was."
- C. Smith
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