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Company Highlight

We're proud to announce Flex Fleet Rental will be recognized as one of the top companies in the state at the 28th Annual Mountain West Capital Network Utah 100 Awards Event next month.

The Utah 100 Awards celebrates the 100 fastest-growing, most profitable companies in Utah every year. The awards ceremony will be held on October 1, 2022.

Company Message

As some of the most essential workers in the world, Tradesmen (and women!) get things done — period. No nation in the world would be able to manage without them. From building maintenance to infrastructure, tradesmen keep our homes safe and secure, our roads smooth, and lead the charge on building and improving our communities.

Throughout history, Tradesmen have regularly been regarded highly in society. From ancient Egypt to modern day, architects, engineers and other skilled workers have regularly risen to logistical challenges presented by everyday life. Flex Fleet Rental thanks them for their work, and is proud to play a small part in enabling success on a daily basis.

Here are some other fun facts about modern day trades:

  • Workers who specialize in a trade are always in high demand — experts estimate there are 430,000 open positions in the U.S. at any time.
  • About 180 million people work in construction worldwide. That equals almost half the population of the United States!
  • Tradesmen aren't just construction workers and repairmen — dental hygienists, radiologists and landscapers are among the hundreds of other trades out there.

If you see a construction worker, electrician, plumber, or any other Tradesman this month, show them some gratitude for their hard work. We wouldn't be where we are today without them.

Whether you're transporting crews to the jobsite or hauling heavy loads, trucks of all shapes and sizes help enable Tradesmen to tackle the biggest challenges. With Flex Fleet Rental, you can have a truck tailored to your needs delivered to you, anywhere in the country — there's no need to worry about maintenance or acquisition costs.

Contact us to learn more about Flex Fleet Rental and get your rate today.

Job Site Safety Tips — Vehicles
  1. Provide Training. Whether your crew is green or experienced veterans, make sure everyone is up to date on the latest information for all vehicles and equipment.
  2. Set Up Your Site. Make sure each vehicle has enough room to operate on the job site. Establish proper turning zones for heavy equipment and mark them with fences or barricades so nobody gets hurt.
  3. Use Proper Lighting. If you're working in the dark, make sure you're using proper flood lights — headlights won't cut it! Increasing visibility will help drivers stay aware while completing their tasks.
Blog Posts
Rent Trucks for Telecommunication Construction

Quote Electricians and other professionals in the electrical industry are an integral part of our society. These individuals require the right gear and support in terms of equipment and technology, like custom trucks and vans for equipment payload and crew transportation, which can help them perform their jobs with ease."

Rent Trucks for Environmental Work

Quote In today's world, we have to play an active role in preventing the devastating consequences of global warming. We need to consciously save our environment and think of how we are impacting it. It's where environmental work, especially environmental construction, comes into the picture."

Rent Trucks for Engineering Work

Quote Engineering is a vast and diverse field that encompasses hardworking individuals whose brains are behind every infrastructure that we see today. These individuals design, manage, build, and inspect every aspect of the development of large-scale and small-scale engineering projects in varied fields."

Customer Testimonials
Quote (Flex Fleet Rental is a) great company to work with. I have used (their rental trucks) from the government side and the NGO/non-profit side, both experiences were super positive and easy to navigate. I highly recommend Flex Fleet Rental!"

- Stan Hill
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