Spring Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Your Vehicle

After a rough winter, your vehicle needs to be cleaned inside-out. Snow, sand, dirt, and gravel make a mess out of the vehicles in winters. As the spring is upon us, it brings a load of work to do as your vehicle needs to be cleaned deeply to stay in the best shape.

If you live in an area that receives plenty of snow, you might have to roll up your sleeves and follow a “spring cleaning” routine to flush the filthiness and bring out your vehicle’s sparkling looks.

Follow these eight tips for cleaning your vehicle to ensure that your truck stays in tip-top shape.

Clean Under the Carpet

The carpet gathers the most amount of filth due to the dirt that gathers on your shoes. But don’t worry. Carpets can be cleaned. Half of your work is already done if you have rubber mats over your carpet since it is pretty straightforward to clean them. Wash your rubber mats with soap, detergent, or shampoo and hang them to dry.

Most people clean the carpet mats with a brush or vacuum from the top but do not go beneath them, where the solid pieces of dirt and gravel gather. A carpet cleaning machine makes your task easy and gets the most challenging stains off.

If you don’t have the carpet cleaning machine, clean your carpets by shampooing, washing with a pressure hose, and hanging them to dry. It would be best to do this first since they take several hours to dry.

After that, brush your floor so the dirt on the floor comes out. Then vacuum the floor from front to back to finish cleaning the carpet.

Clean Under the Upholstery

If there is a secret recipe for cleaning your vehicle, it involves looking in the deepest corners. This is what many people miss out on. The space beneath the upholstery is where all the waste escapes to.

If you haven’t taken a look under your seats in a while, you will be surprised to find how much waste is gathered down there. From coffee cups and face masks to tissues and wrappers, people find various things they didn’t even notice that went missing.

Due to this, it is always a good practice to clean under the upholstery. Like under the carpets, a load of dirt is gathered beneath the upholstery. So make sure to vacuum that area to dish out the maximum amount of dirt.

Clean the Dashboard and Console

Your vehicle won’t look fresh unless you clean the area used and looked at the most: the dashboard. Gather any waste on your dashboard wipe the dirt off with a dry cloth before moving on. You shouldn’t blow the dirt off if you don’t want it to get on the carpet you have already cleaned. You can either clean the dashboard with a wet cloth or use a dashboard cleaner for deep cleaning.

Secondly, you also need to clean the console of your vehicle. The console can be between the seats or beneath the dashboard. Clean the console using a similar process to that of the dashboard. However, both these places might have electrical components, so make sure not to get them wet.

It’s best to take out your belongings from the dashboard, console, and pocket to have a clutter-free space for cleaning. You can reorganize them better after you have cleaned the interior.

Clean the Seats

You won’t need to put in much effort to clean the seats if you have leather seats. Wipe them with a wet cloth and use a leather polish spray or liquid to bring out the shine. However, this isn’t the case with fabric seats – they require a rigid cleaning method.

You can ease your workload by cleaning the seats with a seat cleaner machine. If you don’t have one, use a towel and wipe the seats with warm water to remove the stains. If the fabric is too dirty, use a little laundry detergent mixed with a fabric softener to clean the seats. Too many chemicals can ruin the fabric, so be wise with the chemicals you use.

Don’t Forget the Windows and the Mirrors

Although not very prominent, the glass catches dirt and sticks to the windows and the mirror, making it dirty and dimming the shine of your vehicle. Use a glass cleaner to shine your windows and mirrors. A paper towel brings out the best results instead of a cloth. It’s surprising how the simplest things can make significant changes.

Clean Out the Trunk

Winters require people to be extra cautious and carry extra stuff in their vehicle trunks or hatches, such as ice scrapers and blankets. Anything that becomes useless as the winter goes needs to be taken out of the car to avoid causing unnecessary clutter.

Make sure that you recycle any plastic waste to protect the environment. Lastly, vacuum your trunk to get rid of dirt and debris. Truck drivers can also wash their truck beds since they don’t have carpeting.

Clean Under the Hood

Next up is cleaning under the hood. You can expect a tremendous amount of leaves, mud, and dirt stuck all over since this area is not sealed. If the impurities get into the engine parts, it can also affect your vehicle’s performance. A pressure hose will make this task easy, and some people even find it oddly satisfying. If you don’t have a pressure hose, simply wipe away the mud and dirt using a cloth and pick out the leaves and sticks with your hands.

Wash and Wax

The last and most obvious tip for cleaning your vehicle is to wash the car using car shampoo and a pressure hose. However, it is good to wash off the mud before applying the shampoo. You might scratch your vehicle’s exterior with small debris that might not be noticeable.

To top it off, wax your vehicle’s exterior to provide it with the shine it’s been missing because of being covered in snow and mud all winter long. It’s essential to apply this polish the right way. Improper application can lead to the vehicle catching extra dirt.

Ending Note

Professional vehicle cleaning services are usually a great way to freshen up your vehicle after a brutal winter season. However, if you don’t want to bear the costs, these tips are efficient enough to give your vehicle a makeover.

Pro Tip: Wash your vehicle’s undercarriage if you have a pressure hose. All the pollutants combine to create a dingy situation under your vehicle, resulting in rust and corrosion of essential parts.