Every business has operational systems that require time, energy, effort, and well-planned and coordinated logistics. With that, some businesses, depending on the industry, require more involvement than other businesses. Businesses that involve coordination of multiple vehicles are dependent on a smooth, functional, and efficient operating system in order to have success and ultimately, profit. Companies whose main responsibility focuses on delivery, transportation, and freight can greatly benefit from our fleet truck and van rentals. Flex Fleet Rentals is here to provide the services you need.

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Being that we’re based in Utah, we couldn’t help but notice how the state is constantly growing and progressing, especially in the workforce. According to zippia.com, the architecture and engineering industry is one of the top industries in Salt Lake City (the largest city in Utah). The increase in various technicians and engineers is what’s contributing to the growth of the Beehive State and we’re here to assist in those industries.

Who We Can Help

In the great state of Utah, the architecture and engineering industries are taking the workforce by storm and we here at Flex Fleet Rentals are here to help businesses in need of fleet vehicles. Our pickup trucks have been able to service

  • Civil Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Project Architects
  • Residential Architects
  • Electrical Engineers

That is just a few areas that we provide services to but we have an array of industries we help. In fact, there aren’t too many industries we haven’t helped because whether you have a small project or big project, we have a truck rental in Utah that will be accommodating to whatever size job you may have, regardless of where the job location is.

Did You Know?

One of Utah’s largest crops is hay? The hay is used for their huge agricultural industry centered around beef cattle and calves. One of the ways companies get hay and other resources to farms is by way of pickup and flatbed trucks. Pickup trucks are ideal for hauling bags of dirt and tools while flatbed truck do wonders for transporting hay and heavy materials like wood and farming equipment.

Why Flex Fleet Rental?

In a thriving state like Utah, renting from us can be a huge asset to your project, regardless of what the project is. Utah is known for its plateaus, mountains, and valleys, right? Yes, and with all the different types of terrain you can experience, you’re going to need a trusted, sturdy, and reliable truck that can handle all the different working conditions, especially if you have to do off-road driving.

Not only do we provide heavy-duty trucks with all kinds of hauling capabilities, but we also have 12-passenger vans as well. Our vans really come in handy for big or small jobs that are in remote locations; this allows your entire crew to be together without running the risk of your crew getting lost. In addition to that, you can rent as many of our passenger vans as you need to accommodate your crew size. Whether you have a crew of 10 or a crew of 52, they’ll be able to ride in style and in comfort to wherever your job site is located.

Utah, Flex Fleet is Here for You

With Utah on the rise, seemingly in all industries, there is a need for assistance in the constructing of the state and Flex Fleet is here to help. Whether your company is located in the biggest city of Salt Lake City or the smallest city of Wallsburg, we will come to you for any transporting needs you may have and that’s our “client first” guarantee.