The wind industry is an industry that is constantly growing. The world needs professionals in this industry to contribute to the design, construction, and maintenance of wind turbines. The construction and maintenance of wind turbines are where we here at Flex Fleet Rental provide truck rentals for wind industry contractors in the different sectors of this industry.

Wind energy is not only for the big, utility-scale wind power facilities like a lot of people tend to think. Wind energy is also used at smaller local levels too. The smaller, distributed wind projects are being used by businesses, schools, and residential areas as well. Whether it’s small, commercial scale or large, commercial scale, our team here at Flex Fleet Rental will provide your crew with the resources you need for the duration of your project.


People who work in the wind industry have important responsibilities. A precision machinist uses various drill presses to create and produce the metal and plastic parts for wind turbines. Computer-controlled machine tool operators run the machines that actually give the wind turbine parts its form and shape. The assemblers use various tools to combine the smaller components that turn them into bigger components.

The three main parts of a wind turbine are the blades, the tower, and the nacelle. The manufacturing of these large components is a difficult process but we make the transporting of these various parts of wind turbines very easy. Whether you’re transporting the necessary tools in a pickup truck, transporting your crew from site to site, or simply need to replace your old fleet vehicles with new ones, we are happy to assist you with all your transportation needs.

The fact that these wind turbines are commonly found in rural areas, our truck and van rental services are quite helpful. When transporting materials to rural parts, it’s important to have vehicles that are reliable and dependable. Road conditions that standard trucks can’t handle, Flex Fleet Rental trucks can handle.


Partner with us because we know wind.

Flex Fleet Rental is proud to be a member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), is the national trade
association for the U.S. wind industry–the country’s fastest growing energy industry.

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