Rent a Pickup Truck: Orlando

Vehicle and transportation requirements change as your business grows, and keeping the right trucks, vans, and flatbeds on hand at all times can be an expensive prospect. Flex Fleet Rental provides a scalable solution. Our fleet rental service helps you eliminate costs associated with acquisition and maintenance No matter the distance, we’re ready and available to deliver your fleet to your location. For top service, low costs, and unmatched dependability, trust Flex Fleet Rental.


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Orlando Rentals

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but visitors aren’t the only things that make Orlando unique. The City Beautiful is also home to thriving industries and growing businesses. This creates real opportunities for companies in essentially every industry, provided that they have the right vehicles to get their materials and equipment to where it needs to be.

If you have a project to get done, don’t let your vehicle situation stand in your way. Flex Fleet Rental gives you the flexibility to match the needs of your business. We offer scalable Orlando pickup truck rentals without the commitment. Set up your account, assemble your fleet, and let us do the rest – we’ll deliver the vehicles directly to your location, and we’ll even come get them once your project is complete.

There’s no obligation to purchase. Rent, use, and return, and enjoy the freedom to choose the right vehicles for the right jobs. Flex Fleet Rental serves a range of businesses and industry types, including:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Oil/Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Solar
  • Wind

Truck Options in Orlando

Every job requires the appropriate vehicle, but not every vehicle is appropriate for every job. Don’t settle for something that isn’t a perfect fit. In addition to offering a huge selection of durable pickups, vans, and flatbed trucks, Flex Fleet Rental also gives you a range of sizes, payloads, and towing capacities to choose from. And whether you require a single truck or an entire fleet, we’re here to meet your fleet rental needs.

Working with Flex Fleet Rental is easy; create your account, make your vehicle selection, and let us bring your fleet to you anywhere in the continental US.

1/2 Ton
1/2 Ton
3/4 Ton
3/4 Ton
1 Ton (Flatbed)
1.5 Ton (Flatbed)
Chevy 1 Ton (Flatbed)
MPG (est) 18 18 16 14 14 9 14
Payload Max (lbs) 2,050 2,135 2,513 2,660 6,287 11,150 4,421
GVWR Max (lbs) 7,000 7,050 10,000 10,000 14,000 19,500 12,250
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Rent a Pickup Truck: Orlando FAQ

What do I need to rent from Flex Fleet Rental?

Pickup truck rental in Orlando with Flex Fleet Rental is an easy process. We’ll help you set up your account when you’re ready to get started. After we’ve processed your business credit check, insurance certificate, and signed contract, you’ll be ready to rent. The entire process usually takes about 5 days to complete. 

Does Flex Fleet Rental deliver?

No matter where you are headquartered or where your project may take you, Flex Fleet Rental can deliver to your location. We’ll also retrieve the rental vehicles when you’re finished with them. Our delivery hubs can be found across the entire lower 48 states, so you’re never too remote to take advantage of our award-winning service.

How do I check the status of my rental?

Flex Fleet Rental makes sure to keep you in the loop on all of your rentals. If you’d like to check up on the status of a rental, simply log into your account using the online portal. Or, if you’re more interested in speaking with one of our representatives, we can also be reached through email or telephone. 

If you need to transport people and items from point A to point B, O-Town has the answer. Flex Fleet Rental is Orlando’s premier fleet rental service. We have the truck rental options you need to help your business grow. Enjoy the opportunities Orlando is known for; contact Flex Fleet Rental today to get started.

From big jobs to small jobs, we have exactly what you need.

We have pickup trucks to handle light to medium-duty projects and we have flatbed trucks to assist you with heavy-duty projects that require more performance power.