A medium duty is the truck you need when a project requires maximum payload. It features a gross combination weight rating of 40,000-lb or better partnered with upgraded suspension and tires, high capacity trailer-tow packages, maximum torque and superb fuel economy.

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Our flatbeds are an affordable, flexible option that are great for short term projects. If you need a few trucks or a fleet, we do our best to accommodate you.

Our customers need all of their time to be focused on their project, so we are dedicated to giving them a hassle free experience. It only takes one contract with us, no matter how many rentals you need, which saves time. We also gladly deliver our trucks to your project. If you are working anywhere in the USA, we will come to you. We will also pick the rentals up when you are done using them. Our trucks will be delivered to you in good, working order that are legally plated in 48 states.

We understand that many projects happen off road, so our trucks are approved for that type of use. We offer mileage allowance that is based on your needs, never more than you need.  Flex Fleet also has the extras that you may want, like XM radio or GPS tracking.

To keep this a cost efficient option, we do not have any long term commitments.

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