1 Ton Flatbed

The 1-ton flatbed truck is easily the most versatile vehicle in our fleet; and with our extensive catalog of vehicles for rental, including pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles, that’s no small statement.

It’s built for versatility with a gooseneck hitch and reinforced rear bumper hitch assembly, maximum torque, and superb fuel economy with gas and diesel engine options. This truck is great for many industries, including government and construction.

With a sizable truck bed, our heavy-duty trucks are capable of hauling all different kinds of cargo and are able to transport your load to whatever location is necessary.

If you’re looking to expand the number of trucks in your fleet, but need something with more load-bearing capacity and towing capacity than your standard pickup trucks or passenger vehicles, give us a call and we’ll match you up with the perfect model to fulfill your request.

Let us share your load, and help you conduct business more efficiently with a reasonably priced truck rental.

Rapid Delivery and Removal

One benefit of renting from us is that our flatbed trucks can be delivered to your location, if in the continental US, in as little as 5-10 business days depending on customer specifications. If you’re looking for a truck that can tow heavy-weight without so much as a hitch, consider this your sign to hit the gas and place an order now.

We’re able to provide this convenience because we have fleet stations all over the US which allows us to provide speedy deliveries for our truck rentals, ensuring that the customer is able to get on the road as soon as possible with their rental.

We gladly deliver to remote locations as well. Please contact us for any special requests.

With our flexible leasing options, you can rent your chosen vehicle for as long as you need; and after you are finished with your truck rental, we also offer hassle-free pickups, towing our vehicles away the moment you’re finished with them.

Go Where You Need to Go

Flex Fleet understands that for many projects you will have to go off-road. Unlike many rental companies, our heavy-duty trucks are approved for use in these otherwise hostile and irregular environments, having the capacity to handle rugged terrain as well as many different weather conditions.

This capacity is one of the safety features that appeal to our customers, as well as our trucks’ ability to handle the required weight with ease in these environments.

We also make sure that all of our vehicles for rent pass all safety and maintenance standards, so you can trust the equipment you rent while towing, hauling heavy cargo, or fulfilling any other imaginable purpose.

One Solution For All Your Business Needs

Our flatbeds are supposed to help you get the job done, not hinder you. Whether your business is with distribution or construction, our heavy-duty 1-ton flatbed truck rental has the versatility and is the appropriate truck size to service a wide variety of different industries, with a reliable diesel engine and a capacity for towing heavy weight.

Just think of our flatbed as a blank canvas for the different accessories you need on the job site. For example, our flatbed can house different equipment and tools like:

  • Hose Reels
  • Toolboxes
  • Inverters

And that’s in addition to whatever cargo you’re asking it to haul.

Renting a heavy-duty one-ton flatbed truck practically ensures that your cargo will make it to the correct location, with the capacity to haul cargo of immense weight and diesel engine options for those looking to save money.

Options for the Discerning Customer

We allow our customers to add removable logos of their business to our rentals. This allows our customers to maintain their brand while completing their projects, treating their rental vehicles like company equipment.

Flex Fleet also offers many potential features upon request for your rentals like XM radio, GPS tracking, and customized mileage allowance. Our team would be happy to assist you in finding the best features to fill your needs based on project requirements and your comfort.

Delivered Ready-To-Go

Whether you rent one of our pickup trucks or rent our one-ton flatbeds, our trucks are delivered ready for the job. They will have appropriate license plates for the delivery location, which is another added convenience we provide to our customers.

This is something we find out during the initial rental agreement process. We like to find out the exact needs of the customer to provide them with the best rental for their project; and should you need to, you can contact our customer service at any time with questions about your rental vehicle.

What We Do Before You Rent Your Vehicle

Of course, we cover the acquisition costs ourselves, providing a wide range of state-of-the-art pickup truck models that can help you carry out any service.

When you rent a pickup truck with us (or any vehicle, for which you can check out our diverse portfolio of vehicle rental options) all you have to worry about is servicing and maintaining the vehicle: consider everything else covered!

At our company, we try to make it as easy as possible for customers who rent one of our vehicles. If you need a truck with a bigger haul capacity than a pickup truck, a diesel engine that just doesn’t quit, and a not-insignificant towing capacity, our trucks are there to fill your need. With a class b licensed driver who’s licensed to handle the weight, you’ll be ready to hit the gas in no time.

Why Rent Your Next Work Vehicle?

Purchasing a work vehicle is a massive investment, and one often not needed by particular companies in the long term: truck rental, on the other hand, allows businesses to invest at will, the best option for those looking to use work vehicles for a particular amount of time.

Instead of purchasing equipment that they won’t need down the line, truck rental allows businesses to allocate those funds to materials that will serve them better in the long run.

Flexible Leasing Options

With flexible rental leasing options, you can rent your truck for as long as you need to haul your cargo, and return it soon after, paying less than a fraction of the cost of purchasing a vehicle outright.

Why hitch yourself and haul around a purchased vehicle, which can quickly become a financial burden, when you can haul your cargo with a rental vehicle for a limited time, then return that vehicle when no longer necessary?

Finding the Vehicle That Works for You

Whether you’re looking to rent a pickup truck, a dump truck, or a one-ton flatbed, a truck rental will give you the flexibility you need to get your job done and not carry around loose weight.

Rentals are reliable, easy to return, and flexibly leased, with your truck rental tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

Contact Us Today

Consider this a sign: If you need to tow materials from one location to another, if you need a vehicle that can hold its weight in the freight business, if you need an engine that’s dependable and a vehicle with the ability to tow large objects, a truck rental from Flex Fleet is your best option.

If you’ve got a job to do, our selection of flatbed trucks is sure to get the job done right. Contact Flex Fleet for a quote today!

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18,000 / 21,000 LBS

Towing Capacity
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