1/2 Ton Pickup

Ford F150

Looking for a full-size pickup truck to complete a job? Full-size truck rental can be a way for you to get the most mileage out of your funds without having to pay a heavy acquisition cost. Truck models like the Chevrolet Silverado, the Toyota Tundra, and the Nissan Titan are all expensive, especially the more recent ones.

For businesses that only need to expand their fleet for a particular job, not looking to invest a massive amount of time and money into procuring brand-new vehicles that they won’t need long-term, choosing to rent a full-size pickup truck can be a great way for them to meet the needs of their job without taking on a bunch of unnecessary weight. Rentals are significantly cheaper than choosing to purchase a brand-new (or even used) vehicle out of pocket, leaving room in the budget for you to invest in other things, and under our leasing terms, your only additional expenses will be in servicing and maintaining your rental vehicle.

If any of the above has piqued your interest, you might be wondering which rental truck can most effectively satisfy your needs, making your coming job much easier for everyone in your company. This is where the 1/2 ton truck comes into play.

Let’s talk about what a 1/2 ton pickup truck rental can do for your company.

Introducing: The Half-Ton Truck

Our ½ ton pickup truck is one of the most versatile and economical pickup trucks in our fleet, available for commercial use and preferred by those who have rented from us before: and given our extensive fleet of vehicles listed, that’s not an easy thing to say.

Seat six people comfortably in the spacious interior of the truck’s crew cab, or use the back seat to keep valuable electronic and personal items out of the weather.

These pickup trucks get things done with vehicle features like cargo space in the truck bed and a factory tow hitch assembly ready to haul equipment when you are.

You can personalize this pickup truck by adding your own removable logo, so you can show up to a job looking professional. Rentals are an affordable way to complete projects without the huge expense of purchasing a truck, while also making it easy for you to maintain a professional veneer. At Flex Fleet, we have no problem with you putting your logo on our rental vehicles: in fact, we encourage it.

Flex Fleet doesn’t require any upfront capital and we do not require any long-term commitments, making it as easy as possible for our commercial vehicles to fulfill both your short and long-term needs. A large truck rental is great for a short-term solution, allowing you to work on a variety of projects for as long as needed before the truck rental is returned to us.

Why Yes, We Do Deliver

If you are worried about getting this truck to your job site, worry no more. We will deliver this truck to almost anywhere in the continental US. We will deliver to a remote location too, so if you’re worried that we won’t be able to deliver to your area, just ask: it would be our pleasure to go the extra mile to serve you!

Most of our rentals can be delivered in 5-10 business days due to the numerous fleet stations we have all over the country, making it easy for us to drop off your rental vehicle at your doorstep quickly and ensuring you can take it on the road as soon as humanly possible. Please call us to learn more about our current availability.

When your job is complete, just as we delivered your pickup truck rental to you, we will return the pickup truck rental for you as well. This is a customer convenience we pride ourselves on because there aren’t too many companies that provide this service to customers.

Our whole approach on that is, why not? Why wouldn’t we deliver and pick up our vehicles to customers when they chose us out of the competition out there? We strive to bring the best possible service to our customers, making it as easy as possible for them to rent from us and ensuring that we’ve properly responded to any queries, present or future, that they may have.

Nobody does what we do quite like Flex Fleet. Give us a call, and let us show you how easy we can make the whole process of truck rental for you.

Making Rental as Painless as Possible

We know that time is money, which is why we take the hassle-free approach along with our “client first” approach. Our truck rental process is quick, simple, and painless.

No matter how many trucks you need to rent, whether it is one, a couple, or an entire fleet, we will only use one contract, saving you time on paperwork and making it as easy as possible for you to rent from us in bulk, if needed.

With no maximum or minimum length, our full-size truck rental terms are as flexible as can be, allowing you to choose from the vehicles listed and keep them for as long or as short a time as you need.

Flex Fleet is here to serve your needs, and we make it as easy as possible for you to get the vehicle, model, year, and (even) car group you need to make your job as painless as possible. That’s right: we also rent passenger vans, if you find yourself in need of a car-rent strategy instead.

Give Us a Call

If you need to haul items from one job site to the next or transport loads of cargo, our ½-ton pickup truck rentals are well-suited and equipped to get the job done. On top of that, our ½-ton pickup trucks have cabs that can seat up to six people comfortably, ensuring that your whole crew can make it to the job site in style and comfort.

Leave that dealership discount code in your junk e-mail folder: by adding to your fleet via rental, you won’t have any use for coupon codes anymore. Rentals make it easy for you to grow or shrink your fleet on command, borrowing quality, heavy-duty vehicles capable of filling your every need for as long as you need them and making dealerships obsolete.

With our flexible leasing terms, our helpful customer service and sales team standing by to answer any of your questions, and rapid vehicle delivery and returns, you can be sure that if you choose to rent from Flex Fleet that you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable team today, and we’ll answer any further queries about our ½ ton pickup trucks, and help you haul your crew and equipment at an affordable price.



355 – 365


9,000 – 9,500 LBS

Towing Capacity


Off Road


Phone Backup Camera


Auto Transmission