Why Choose a Passenger Van Rental?


Transportation is a crucial aspect of the construction industry. It is essential to transport not only the construction equipment, but also the workforce to the job site. While it isn’t a big deal when the construction site is nearby, transportation becomes quite a hassle when the job site is outside the city limits.

When you don’t have sufficient vehicles, the logistics of construction projects become a headache. And if you don’t find a solution, you might lose lucrative project opportunities.

However, the need for proper transportation is not limited to the construction industry. You might need to move staff members in any company for any business-related reasons.

Regardless of your industry, there has to be a way to fulfill your transportation needs. But does that mean you should buy a vehicle right away? That can worsen the situation rather than fixing it. The hefty costs associated with the purchase of brand new vehicle can drastically reduce your profits, killing the real purpose of the job.

We’ve come up with a more reasonable solution with a passenger van rental. Without having to buy any vehicle, you can sign up for our passenger van for a minimum of 4 months, and then keep renewing the contract for every subsequent month.

Why Choose a Passenger Van Rental?

Even though Flex Fleet’s passenger vans come with a variety of features such as the transmission/brake shift interlock for auto transmission, cruise grade braking, rear wheel drive, full power steering, etc, here are other important reasons for choosing a passenger van rental.

Your 4x4s Can’t Accommodate Everything

When the construction site is close to where your company is based and the project is not that demanding, your 4×4 truck might be able to carry both the equipment and the crew. But things aren’t that simple. You keep on getting projects that have a far-off jobsite, require high level of manpower, or both.

A typical ½-ton truck isn’t built to carry more than 6 crew members. If you try to fit everyone in these trucks, it can be disastrous for the crew morale as well as the vehicle. Taking multiple rounds will cost you considerable time and money. Flex Fleet’s passenger van rental is an ideal solution for the comfortable transportation of your crew, while the equipment will arrive in the usual 4×4 truck.

Tremendous Flexibility

Flex Fleet’s passenger vans are available in 12-seat and 15-seat options. However, these standard vans have ample space for the luggage of the crew members too. If a particular project requires you to move more than 15 crew members, such as 24, 30, or more, you can get multiple passenger vans at once or as per your requirements.

Besides flexible accommodation, Flex Fleet helps you determine the right mileage allowance based on your needs. The vehicle is also flexible enough to travel off-road.

Apart from this, Flex Fleet’s flexible rental process ensures easy and quick payment and billing options for you.

Backup Camera

Flex fleet’s passenger van rental has more to offer than just moving your crew to the construction site. Some construction environments, especially the remote ones, are prone to accidents. When sending a large construction crew to a busy job site, safety is the key. To prevent the chances of accidents, the passenger van rental comes with an inbuilt backup camera, which ensures outstanding safety.

Minimal Cost

Renting a passenger van means that you don’t have to spend on purchase costs, nor do you have to pay for the vehicle’s long-term maintenance. Other than the rent, all you need to worry about are the fuel costs and some negligible maintenance for the duration of use.

On the other end, as we mentioned earlier, acquiring a vehicle rather than renting it out can be extremely costly. Besides the initial acquisition cost, you would have to pay for all minor and major maintenance works. Plus if it’s a temporary need, the vehicle will stand idle, costing you more than the returns it yields.

As a result, opting for rental is a cost-effective solution for most companies since the costs involved are significantly lower.

Outstanding Customer Service

Besides the vehicle itself, Flex Fleet’s superior customer service and ‘client-first’ approach prevent you from looking elsewhere for a solution. Compared to other companies, Flex Fleet understands its clients’ diverse requirements and more importantly, recognizes the changes in them. To serve clients from 48 continental states, it comprises of a massive, well-maintained fleet.

Prioritizing customer convenience, it will deliver the vehicle wherever you’re located in the country, as well as get it picked when you’re don’t with the use. Also, Flex Fleet’s support team is always available to answer any queries and address any complaints that you might have.

Final Thoughts

You can’t bet on receiving construction projects from nearby locations. Most construction work needs to be done in remote rural environments, and moving the construction equipment and crew to these locations may pose a challenge. Without a reasonable transportation option in mind, you might end up losing large construction contracts.

You can choose to stuff everyone in a congested equipment-carrying truck, but the last thing you’d want is to have your construction team arrive the construction site exhausted. When you keep on getting remote and demanding projects, you can’t ignore the need to have separate vehicles that can carry the crew to the site. The comfort and ease will not only ensure easy transportation, but also improve their productivity and morale on the site.

To learn more about Flex Fleet and its passenger van rentals, or schedule your rental, call for free at 888.680.8508. To get a quick quote for passenger van rental now, click here.

With over 17 years in marketing, including digital and traditional, Jan Eliason is currently the Director of Marketing at Flex Fleet Rental and thrives on driving high quality leads and creating an unforgettable brand.